Motivation Station

It has been quite some time since I have jumped on here to talk to y'all! So, just a quick update on life: I'm about to finish my senior year of college! THAT'S CRAZY! However, I have come to a point where it is time for me to start really focusing on my health. I... Continue Reading →

Friendship from the Inside Out

Hey y'all! I hope your week is starting off perfectly! I know mine is dragging because spring break is next week!!! I CANNOT wait! I'm going to Florida and I couldn't be happier! I just wanted to write a quick post about friends, happiness, and stress! (And maybe how they're all related) It has recently... Continue Reading →

College with Katie

Hey y'all! I just wanted to update you guys on some school stuff and talk a little bit about being proactive about your education and career! I recently have changed my entire outlook on school. I used to take the least amount of credit hours, rarely did my homework, procrastinated projects, didn't study for tests... Continue Reading →

Strength Within EveryBODY

Hey y'all! I decided it was time for a completely transparent post today. So, *BEWARE* this is 100% honest and truthful. I know it's long, thanks for reading! I post a lot about body positivity, image, and health. Therefore, I thought I would talk a little more about my past and where I am now.... Continue Reading →

Friends Are The Family We Choose

Hey y'all! I have a very short point to make within this post today! While being in college, I have become very familiar with the act of trying to make friends and finding classmates I get along with, hang out with, or get lunch with! Sometimes, for me, it is very hard to make friends.... Continue Reading →

Growing Within

Hey y'all! Today's post is going to be brief but super important! I hope y'all can take away at least one thing from what I'm about to tell you. If you've read my past blog posts, it is clear my blog is mostly about finding who you are and learning to love yourself through thick and thin.... Continue Reading →

New Year, New You! has been quite a while since I last posted and updated my blog. I was trying to finish the semester and figure out what I was doing over holidays, spending time with family, enjoying the holidays and getting back into gear for the new semester! I just wanted to post a quick article talking... Continue Reading →

Time for an Update

Well y'all...I haven't been posting for a while because I've been super busy with school while simultaneously enjoying the holidays! I spent my Thanksgiving Break in Louisiana visiting my boyfriend's family! I had an absolute blast in the South and I also ate some AMAZING food! Sorry for not keeping you all in the know,... Continue Reading →

Skin Care with Katie

Well y’all, it’s National Healthy Skin Month, and you know what that means! I finally get to show you the difference in switching my skin care routine and show you my fav go-to products that I use almost every single day! I will also be posting several skin care posts this month to keep y'all... Continue Reading →

Stop Waiting, Start Pursuing

Have you ever wanted to do something so badly, but you feel like you don't know how, or you wouldn't succeed, or nobody will support you? You are not alone. I have gone my whole life coming up with ideas and plans I have wanted to pursue but just couldn't build up the courage or... Continue Reading →

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